Public Safety

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Services

The department maintains a highly trained workforce through daily in-station and out-of-agency training. The department also participates in the National Fire Protection Association Professional Firefighter Qualifications Certification Program.

I encourage you to consider a career as a firefighter with the Airport Commission’s Fire & Rescue Department. We seek highly qualified individuals who wish to use their training and expertise to provide the best services possible to our airport communities and the flying public.

Mike Stropola
Fire Chief

Federal Aviation Regulation 139.315 of the Federal Aviation Administration requires Lafayette Regional Airport to provide on-airport aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) capabilities to ensure efficient and safe airport operations for the benefit of the public utilizing air transportation.

Rural Metro Corporation, an Arizona based company operating in 400 communities across the United States and Latin America, provides ARFF services for Lafayette Regional Airport.

Firefighters work in rotation, 24 hours each day, ready for immediate response. Together, the Airport and Rural Metro have an established and integrated partnership, with the understanding that community health and safety are at the core of fire and rescue services.

The new fire station, opened in 2007, is located near the air traffic control tower and maintains two crash/fire rescue trucks and three emergency vehicles.

All personnel are certified Emergency Medical Technicians.