Authorized Signer Training

NOTE: This certification is valid only for annual “recurrent” training. Initial training must be in person at the Airport Badging Office.
Each company that requests Airport ID Badges must identify one or more responsible company employees as “Authorized Signers”. Designation of “Authorized Signers” is mandated by TSA in accordance with Security Directive 1542-04-08F (as revised).

If you have any questions, you may direct those to the Badging Office via email: Badging Office

What’s expected of an authorized signer?

  • Only individuals who possess an Airport ID Badge may be a designated Authorizing Signer.
  • Can request issuance of ID badges for employees or customers who need airport access on a recurring basis.
  • Must thoroughly review an applicant’s badge application for completeness & correctness prior to submittal.
  • Only ID Badge Application Forms signed by an “Authorizing Signer” will be accepted for processing.
    • SIDA Applicants: Authorized Signer must possess a SIDA Badge
    • GA Applicants: Authorized Signer must possess either a SIDA or GA Badge
  • For SIDA Applicants, the Authorized Signer must verify that the criminal history questionnaire is completed, signed and dated by applicant (page 2 of the badge application)
  • Note: If YES is checked for a disqualifying crime violation, do not send applicant to be fingerprinted – call badging office for further instructions.
  • ID badge applicant must present original identification documents to the Authorized Signer for review(e.g., driver’s license, passport, social security, etc.)
  • Please confirm copies are attached to application before submitting to badging office.
  • Authorized Signer will determine if applicant requires driving privileges.
  • Authorized Signers will comply with the following:
    • Point of contact for the airport’s annual & semi-annual ID badge audit.
    • LFT security badge application and renewal forms are only valid for 30 days from the date the authorized signer completes and signs the forms. An applicant will not be issued a badge if the forms are not dated or if it is more than 30 days past the date on the form.
    • Faxed or photocopied security badge application forms bearing the Authorized Signer’s signature will not be accepted.
    • DO NOT sign a blank badge application and hand out to potential employees/customers.
    • NOTE: This is the one rule which is most often broken and addressed one-on-one with the authorized signer.
    • The Authorized Signer section on LFT security badge forms are not to be signed until after the employee/customer has fully completed his or her section(s).
    • Badge must be retrieved from the individual at time of separation, and within 3 days (72 hours) returned to the airport Badging Office.

    • Immediately Notifies….The LFT Badging Office in cases where the ID is not retrieved from the individual at time of separation. Authorized Signer will make an effort to retrieve the badge.

Changes to authorized signer information

Notify Airport Badging office of any changes to designated Authorized Signer’s contact information; termination; etc.

Direct questions to the Badging Office via email.