Facility Rentals

Lafayette Regional Airport hereinafter referred to as “LFT.”

LFT welcomes tenants and outside organizations to utilize its conference rooms for business meetings, luncheons, conferences, receptions and events. The following is Lafayette Regional Airport’s policy for facility rentals. Reservations can be submitted electronically online or by printed form.   If there are portions of this policy requiring clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at 337-703-4800.

Conference Room Availability

Conference rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis with first priority given for LFT use.  Conference rooms may be reserved on a ½ day or daily rentals.

Sub-Conference Room Max 20 persons ½ day (up to 6 hours) $35 Daily (over 6 hours) $50

Main Conference Room Max of 50 persons ½ day (up to 6 hours) $50 Daily (over 6 hours) $75

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations governing the use of Airport conference rooms are as follows:

  • The Airport reserves the right to refuse the use of the conference rooms for particular activities and to refuse to rent them to any party for any reason whatsoever.
  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Rental must be for a legally permissible use.
  • Events that would or might involve the use of sexually explicit, profane or other publicly unacceptable materials, demonstrations or language are prohibited.
  • Smoking or burning of any kind (incense, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, candles, etc.) is prohibited.  Smoking is permitted outside the terminal building.
  • Gambling is not permitted.
  • Animals are prohibited in the conference rooms, with the exception of service dogs.
  • Parking fees are not included as part of the Agreement.
  • Food and beverage service is not provided. Organizer or their designee is responsible for all arrangements and associated clean-up related to food and beverage service.
  • Event organizer is responsible for the proper use of the room and the cost of repairing damage to the facility, equipment, fixtures or furniture that is caused by parties attending their event.

Facility Rental Policies

  • In the event of damage to the room or its furnishings, the replacement costs or repair costs will be invoiced to the organization renting said room.
  • Room set-up and clean-up is the responsibility of the user. The conference room must be left in the condition that it was in prior to the event. If set-up/clean-up is not completed within the reserved time, additional charges may apply.
  • Nothing is to be attached to the ceiling or fixtures. Use of nails, screws, tape or staples on walls is prohibited.
  • LFT reserves the right to revoke a reservation in the event that emergency or operational needs arise that necessitate the Airport’s use of the conference room. In the event the Airport must revoke a reservation, the Airport will attempt to relocate the event to an alternate conference room, if available. If an alternate conference room cannot be identified, the Airport will refund the user’s money.
  • Rental fees are to be paid in full prior to the event by check or money order.
  • Reservations will not be confirmed until payment is received in full.
  • Users are not permitted to block or in any way hinder, ingress / egress (entering/exiting) of the conference rooms, hallways and stairs.
  • To prevent damage to property, the posting of signs or directional materials anywhere in the building or on Airport walls, furniture or equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • Any violation of Federal or Louisiana law, including possession of drugs, gambling or weapons, is prohibited. All weapons, including concealed weapons (handguns, etc.), are prohibited on Airport property (Reference: LFT Ordinance 80-2 “Rules & Regulations.)


  • Provided by user or can be purchased through the Acadiana Tap House whose catering menus are below:




Hors D’ouvres

Afternoon Breaks


  • It is the responsibility of the user to remove all items from the room. Large boxes or other items must be disposed of by the user. The Janitorial staff will be available to empty the trash and clean surfaces.


  • The user will be charged for any damage to the premises or property belonging to the Airport. A walk-thru of the conference room with an Airport staff member will take place at the end of each rental. The cost of repairing any damage will be charged to the user.

Additional Tables and Chairs:

  • Additional tables and chairs are not available

Audio-Visual Equipment:

  • Audio-Visual Equipment is limited to the Sub-conference room, which includes computer with TV/monitor for Powerpoint Presentations and video. Also, there is an available pop-up display screen.

Liability & General Requirements:

  • All Users are responsible for following the Airport Conference Room Use Policy before any conference room is reserved. An individual authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of the governmental unit or organization must execute the rental application. The signature of the authorized person on the rental application demonstrates the governmental or organization’s understanding and willingness to follow and abide by the procedures, rules and regulations
  • A User may not assign or transfer any rights granted and accepted under this Agreement without written approval from the Airport.
  • To adhere to appropriate building and fire codes, the Airport has the right to restrict or deny use of the conference rooms based upon number of attendees and type of activity(s) proposed. The maximum number of occupants for the conference rooms is:
    • Main Conference Room: 50 (Theater style seating)
    •  Sub-Conference Room: 20 (Table and Chair seating)
  • The Airport assumes no responsibility for the use of patented, trademarked, franchised or copyrighted music, materials or devices used or incorporated into an event. The User agrees to hold the Airport, its staff and agents harmless from any claims or costs, including attorney fees that might arise from the use of any material described above.
  • The Airport will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damages to personal property. The User agrees to hold the Airport, its staff and agents harmless from any claims or costs, including attorney fees, which may arise from loss, theft or damage to personal property.
  • Should the User violate any of these procedures, rules or regulations, the User and all affiliated organizations will forfeit the privilege of any future use of airport facilities without refund or offset of any rental amounts paid or payable.
  • The Airport may terminate an event at any time for violations of Airport procedures, rules, regulations, building and/or fire codes.
  • It is the responsibility of the User or appointed party to wipe down all tables and place all litter, trash and debris from the conference rooms in the provided trash receptacles.
  • The User will leave the facility neat, clean and orderly.
  • All property belonging to the User must be removed from the conference room immediately following the rental period. The Airport, its staff and agents assume no responsibility for items left by any User. Any items left after the rental period will be discarded.
  • Printing, faxing, copying, and office equipment/supplies are not available. The Airport’s Business Center has copying equipment available for a minimal per copy charge.
  • The person executing this Rental Application represents that he/she has authority to execute contracts on behalf of the User and is responsible for the supervision of the room.

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