Lafayette Regional Airport is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of their employees, staff, vendors and passengers. Executive Director Steven Picou says most of these are centered on airport cleaning by airport staff and airline employees.  “We are increasing the frequency of these cleanings,” says Picou.  Picou says the “touch” areas being concentrated on include:

  • Lobbies (Ticketing and Bag Claim): Non-automated doors, counters, kiosks, trash bins, seating, baggage carts
  • Boarding pass scanners, screening trays, trash bins
  • Restrooms: Doors and latches, flush valves, countertops, non-automated fixtures
  • Gate Areas: Seats and armrests, counters, trash bins
  • Boarding Bridges: Doors, handrails
  • Common Areas: Concession tables and seating, escalator handrails, elevator buttons, touchscreen directories, trash bins, phones, and wheelchairs

“Additionally, we have anti-bacterial soap available in the restrooms now and will provide anti-bacterial hand sanitizer early next week. The cleaning products using are anti-bacterial and anti-viral,” he adds.  Although there has been no disruptions to flight service at present, Picou suggests travelers with questions regarding flight cancellations or re-scheduled flights contact their airline directly.