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Invitation for Construction Management at Risk(CMAR) Services for Lafayette Airport Commission

The Lafayette Airport Commission is seeking Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from highly qualified Construction Management firms interested in providing  Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) Services for: Lafayette Regional Airport Terminal and Support Infrastructure Project. An electronic file of the RFQ and supporting documents are above, and are also availabe at

The SOQ submissions for this Project will be accepted until 2:00 PM on October 18, 2017.

A Pre-Proposal Conference will be conducted at 3:00 PM, September 26, 2017 in the Lafayette Airport Commission Meeting Room at the Lafayette  Regional Airport, 200 Terminal Drive, Lafayette, LA 70508. All firms interested in submitting an SOQ in response to the RFQ are strongly encouraged to attend.

Lafayette Airport Commission Construction Projects

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects

Sterile Area Expansion

Lafayette Regional Airport is expanding it’s sterile area to allow passengers to grab a bite to eat or order a drink while they wait for their flight. This will allow for a more convenient process to grab a snack before your flight.

North General Aviation Rehabilitation Phases I and II
Due to significant changes in traffic patterns (heavier aircraft) the old asphalt apron could no longer support the current traffic. Phase I is complete and a 250′ by 600′ asphalt area in front of the Fixed Base Operator has been with replaced cement.

Phase II of this project encompasses complete reconstruction of the second portion of the North General Aviation apron. Working in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Transportation, the ramp will be constructed with 53,000 square yards of twelve-inch concrete. The project was designed by Domingue, Szabo and Associates and is being constructed by Southern Industrial Contractors of Rayville, Louisiana. The project construction is progressing and is expected to be completed in 2014. The project is jointly funded through the Louisiana Department of Transportation and the Lafayette Airport Commission.

Taxiway Mike
The taxiway project was designed by Domingue, Szabo and Associates and is currently under construction by Elliott Construction of Lafayette, Louisiana. The project encompasses construction a 75 foot wide by 12 inch thick concrete taxiway which will connect taxiway Foxtrot to the approach end of Runway 11. The taxiway will allow aircraft access to future buildout along Tower Drive. The project is estimated to be completed in April 2015. The project is jointly funded through the Louisiana Department of Transportation and the Lafayette Airport Commission.

Sealcoat all Taxiways
The taxiway pavements at the airport are aging due to element exposure and continued use. The pavements are in good condition but require reconditioning through a sealcoat. The project seeks to sealcoat all taxiway surfaces at the airport and update markings. The project is currently being designed by URS Corporation and will be placed for bid in March 2014.

Taxiway Foxtrot
The existing Taxiway Foxtrot is 45 feet wide and doglegs to the left to connect to the North General Aviation apron. The project seeks to widen the taxiway to 75 feet and completely replace the existing asphalt surface with concrete. Furthermore, the dogleg portion will be removed to straighten the taxiway to connect to Taxiway Lima. This correction will make land available for new development. This project will also provide additional ingress and egress routes for the larger aircraft servicing the airport. The project is currently being developed by airport staff and will be advertised for design in 2014.

Perimeter Road
The existing perimeter road surrounds the entire perimeter of the airport property, excluding a portion extending around the approach end of Runway 11. The perimeter road project is currently being developed by the airport staff and seeks to encompass buildout of a new portion of perimeter road to provide a concentric route for vehicle traffic. The new portion will be constructed using concrete to facilitate heavy moving equipment to access the cargo apron and southern portion of the airport. The completion of perimeter road is being constructed for safety reasons to alleviate vehicle traffic on movement areas of the airport. The secondary goal of the perimeter road project is to rehabilitate the remainder of the existing road with full depth reclamation and paving to include asphalt and select portions in concrete. The project will be released for design in 2014 with construction to start late 2014. The total project budget is estimated at $9 million.

Design of EMAS for Runway 11-29
Design of improvements to the Runway Safety Areas for both ends of Runway 11-29. Currently this project is being developed by the airport staff. Design services are expected to be advertised in 2014.

Obstacle Survey
Conducted documentation and coordination of field survey and airspace mapping necessary for the implementation of various aeronautical projects. This project is necessary because of the relocation of the threshold of Runway 4R/22L. This project is estimated to complete in early 2014.

Cargo Facility
The Lafayette Airport Commission will design and construct an estimated 22,500 square foot building to house cargo carriers. The building will provide cargo sorting areas for the cargo carriers with easy access to the airfield and Highway 90. The project is currently under design by MBSB. Construction start date has not been set. The project is funded through Louisiana Capital Outlay Appropriations. .

Part 150 Noise Study
To meet FAA criteria to extend Runway 4R/22L, it is necessary to determine if the extension of Runway 4R/22L will change the noise environment in the vicinity of the airport. This study was prepared by the URS Corporation and addressed the impact of noise and determine the need if any for future mitigation. Additional information can be found in the Environmental Management section of the website here. This project documentation is posted below.

Noise Mitigation Brochure


Preliminary Design for Terminal Expansion
To accommodate future growth of the Lafayette Regional Airport, a preliminary study is being conducted to prepare for future growth. URS Corporation is preparing the preliminary design for future expansion of the terminal.

Wildlife Hazard Assessment
Due to wildlife in the vicinity of the airport and the number of strikes, the FAA has determined that an Assessment must be conducted. Aerostar SES, LLC headquartered out of Jacksonville, Florida was awarded the contract and completed the assessment in 2012. The Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing the assessment. The airport is awaiting confirmation to begin the process for a Wildlife Hazard Program.

Completed Projects

Passenger Boarding Bridges
The airport previously had three servicing jet bridges with an additional ground access point. URS Corporation designed serviceability for an additional passenger boarding bridge. The airport awarded the project to ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems to install two new passenger boarding bridges. The project was finally complete in October 2013. The airport currently has four passenger boarding bridges with an additional ground access point. The project was funded using Passenger Facility Charge revenues. The total project cost amounted to $1.9 million.

Cargo Apron and Connecting Taxiways
Notice to Proceed was issued on March 29, 2010, to the Harper Company of Ohio to construct a 60,000 square yard concrete apron with connecting taxiways to Runway 4R/22L. This apron provides parking for five (5) 757 aircraft. The relocation of the cargo carriers allows the carriers to sort cargo with direct access to Highway 90. The URS Corporation designed the project which was funded by grants from the Economic Development Administration, LA State Capital Outlay, FAA Airport Improvement Program, LA Department of Transportation and Development Aviation Department and the Lafayette Consolidated Government. This project was completed in December 2011.

Design of EMAS for Runway 4R/22L
Design of improvements to the Runway Safety Areas for both ends of Runway 4R/22L. Engineered Material Arresting Systems (EMAS) was installed at both ends of the runway and the south end of the runway was extended to achieve maximum practical runway length consistent with the types of aircraft regularly flying Lafayette. After installation of the EMAS, the project followed with an overlay, grooving and striping of the runway. This project was designed by URS. Three contractors worked to complete the respective phases: Harper Company was awarded the South End Phase, Coastal Bridge of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was awarded the North End Phase, and Diamond B Construction Co, LLC of Alexandria was awarded the Overlay Phase. All work is complete as of December 2013.

Security Upgrade
Due to the Transportation Security Act, airport security systems must utilize high security measures to provide public safety. An update of the previous system was necessary to maintain this safety. The URS Corporation was the lead designer on the project. The work for the actual security upgrade work was contracted to E.P. Breaux of Lafayette, LA. The project was successfully completed in February 2013. The project was funded using Passenger Facility Charge revenues.

Overlay Runway 4L/22R
The General Aviation Runway was constructed in 1989. The asphalt was in need of an overlay due to weathering and to ensure safe operation of the runway. The project was designed by Domingue, Szabo & Associates with Construction being completed by Matt Durand Company of Lafayette, Louisiana in 2012.

Elevator/Escalator/ Terminal Doors Upgrade
To improve the efficiency, ease of use and reduce operating costs of the Terminal, the escalators and terminal doors were upgraded. The project is complete and was designed by MBSM Group.

Storm Water Drain System
This Project consists of the dewatering, inspection, and marking of the storm water pipe on the airport property. Inspection will consist of smoke testing and observations made using a video camera. This project is still in the design phase and will be advertised in June. Arcadis, Inc. is designing the project.

Borrow Pit
Clean and backfill existing the borrow pit located adjacent to the new cargo apron that is currently under construction. The area must be cleaned of debris and backfilled to mitigate the wildlife that is attracted to the area. It is also important to improve the future safety area of the cargo apron taxi lane. The project was designed by Arcadis, Inc. with bid opening on June 1, 2010.