Other Services

Other Services

Lost & Found

Items left at the security screening check point areas:

Items left on aircraft or the jetway:

  • Lafayette Regional has two baggage carousels. If your luggage is ever misplaced, please contact the airline on which you traveled, their numbers are listed below. Although the airlines do their best to assure the safe arrival of your baggage, the unexpected sometimes happens.
  • American Airlines Lost Luggage: 1-800-535-5225
  • Delta Lost Luggage: 1-800-325-8224
  • United Lost Luggage: 1-800-335-2247

Items other than the above (left in terminal building):

  • Please contact the Lafayette Airport Commission Lost and Found at: (337)266-4461, or email airport@lftairport.com.
  • Leave your name, phone number, email address, a detailed description of the item, date of loss, and location where item was last seen. Positive proof of ownership will be required to claim an item.
  • Pick up your item(s) in person; you will need photo identification. Please call first for an appointment so that we can have your item ready for pick-up to reduce the amount of wait time.
  • Have Designated Person pick up your property. We will need a Property Release Form filled out by you, indicating they have your permission to pick up your item(s), and a copy of your photo identification. Your designee will also need to provide a photo identification when picking up the items.
  • Arrange for Shipping of your item(s) by calling the shipping company of your choice. A Property Release Form will be required.




Skycap services (baggage porters) are available curbside and throughout the terminal.



Wheel Chair Service

Airlines can arrange for special accommodations for passengers such as use of a wheelchair; and you can confirm a wheelchair request at the airline counter




An ATM is located on the first floor of the terminal building near the baggage claim area.