Leasing Opportunity

The Lafayette Airport Commission (LAC) requires that applicants desiring to lease properties from the Lafayette Airport Commission submit a $ 2,500 application fee in the form of a cashier’s check, certified check or letter of credit attached to the application. Property leased by the LAC will be in accordance with La R..S. 2:135.1.

The application fee will be returned to the applicant under the following conditions: 1) If the applicant executes a lease with the LAC for the described property the application fee will be returned to the applicant within ten (10) days after the lease is recorded, or 2) If the LAC and applicant are unable to agree to the terms and conditions of a lease, the application fee will be returned to the applicant.

If applicant does not execute a lease with LAC for the described property, the application fee will be forfeited by the applicant to the LAC.

All inquiries regarding airport property for lease should be directed to Rene Cotton (337) 266-4401.

Property Map: The following file provides a copy of the Airport’s Master Lease Map. Identify the corresponding numbers referenced next to the property description to that on the map. The properties are identified on the map by the yellow shaded area.
(Master Lease Map) – click to download.

Airport Buildings for Lease
Airport Vacant Property for Lease
1 Jet Ranger X Drive 14.71 acres Highest and best use aviation – may be some restrictions Operations include GA and commercial, access to three runways one major FBO, air traffic control tower, Utilities to site, security, perimeter fence, ARFF services, and quick access to two major interstates.
2 202 Chaplin Drive
.672 acres (29,253 sf) – Frontage along Shepard Drive Surrey Street and Chaplin Drive
3 Grissom Drive
3.2 acres, only 2.38 acres remain – would require buildup (slopes downhill)
4 Grissom Drive 6.81 acres – West of Lafayette Juvenile Detention Center
5 Grissom Drive

14 acres – East of Lafayette Juvenile Detention Center, wooded/marsh area

7 Grissom Drive
West of Fuel Drive (approx. 480 sq. ft.)
8 Grissom Drive
Hangar space possibly next to Bean Hangar (approx. 10,000 sq. ft.)