Fly Lafayette Club™

Fly Lafayette Club™

Join the New Fly Lafayette Club™ Today!

It’s free and easy to join… AND you have a chance to win neat stuff!

We invite you to join the Fly Lafayette Club™. It’s our way of thanking you for flying Lafayette.

Here’s how it works. Fill out the application form. We’ll mail your membership card to you. Then each time you Fly Lafayette™, you can enter our drawing by swiping your card or driver’s license at one of the kiosks and you’re automatically entered. It’s that simple!

As a Fly Lafayette Club™ member, you have the opportunity to win great rewards from our sponsors. Gifts include FREE meals, services, Fly Lafayette Club™ merchandise, gift certificates from local merchants and more. Once a month, we will draw winners for rewards and gifts. If your name is drawn, we’ll send you an email with the good news and mail your prize.

If you are already a Fly Lafayette Club™ member, please update your information and we’ll mail you a  new membership card. Or you can call us at 337-266-4401 and we’ll do it for you.

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